• Kickboxing– Combinations of upper-body strikes, lower-body strikes, blocks and athletic drills.
  • CrossBox A high energy boxing-fitness fusion. You will punch, crunch, and fight your way to a fitter you.
  • Cardio Box & Core– Choreographed kickboxing moves and sequences of strength and core moves to tighten up and tone your mid-section.
  • Zumba– Blends upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography for a total-body workout.
  • Pound Rockout– Use weighted drumsticks and drumming techniques in and pilates based work out. Strengthen your core and burn fat while bringing out your inner rockstar.
  • S.D.F.C.– Strength. Dance. Fitness. Cardio… High intensity fitness moves mixed with fun, hip-hop dance to elevate your mood and your Heart rate.
  • Adrenaline Junkie – A twist to your traditional HIIT Workout.  Get a high intensity, interval workout like you never had before.

Cardio / Strength

  • Zumba Tone– Builds coordination, strength and reshapes your body while Zumba dancing with weighted toning sticks.
  • CrossBody– A combination of strength, cardio and core exercises all in one workout for fat-burning and total body results.
  • Circuit Athletic-based training circuit exercises set up in stations for a complete, full-body workout.
  • P90X– Combines strength, cardio, plyometrics and stretching into a high energy, full body workout with a variety of equipment.
  • Insanity – Athletic training combining cardio conditioning and total-body strength.


  • Spartan Strength– Focuses on increasing your muscle mass and toning by using dumbbells through several exercises.
  • Strength & Tone– Develops strength and endurance using a variety of equipment with basic resistance training.
  • Butts & Guts- Trains and tightens the abs, glutes, legs and lower back using weights and body resistance.
  • PiYo– A total body fitness class that fuses Pilates and Yoga to build strength and flexibility.
  • Spartan Barre– Muscle toning to create a lean, flexible body by using basic ballet techniques to upbeat music.
  • Vinyasa Yoga– Series of postures to create heat within the body to increase strength, flexibility, endurance and balance.
  • Spartan Suspension – A body weight workout designed to improve strength, balance, flexibility and core strength.  The suspension system allows for a hard workout for every fitness level. 


  • Cycle & Core – Cycle & Core is 45 minutes of climbs, sprints and endurance intervals to energetic music followed by 15 minutes of core work in the studio.
  • Spartan Cycle – Designed to provide you with the optimum in fat burning and strength building. This class uses fast flats, steady hills, sprints and interval training.
  • Bike & Barre – Bike & Barre is a 45 minute, high energy workout on the bike, followed by 15 minutes of barre exercises.  This class focuses on precise movements to strengthen and create a lean, flexible, health body.
  • HIIT the Bike – Get your high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout followed by cycle for a maximum burn!