~ S.H., (Member)

“I have been involved in sports and fitness for my entire life. I have tried every kind of workout from solo workouts at the gym and at home, boot camp and CrossFit. SFDC is the right fit for me because of the variety of workouts I can get all in one place. My favorites are strength, Piyo and suspension. They all work different aspects of my body. The best thing about SFDC is the dedicated staff and instructors!  They work extra hard to make the environment and classes fun!  I love the comraderie I feel when I go to class at SFDC!”


~ M.L., (Member)

“Spartan Fit Center is a terrific place to work out. The instructors are engaging and the classes are always a blast. The workouts are hard and challenging, and as a result, you will see results quickly. I actually just had a friend I didn’t see in a while ask me, “When did you become SO fit?” Well, when I got a membership at Spartan Fit Center. What a great place and community. I don’t have enough good things to say about Spartan Dance & Fit Center!”


~ K.B., (Non-Member)

“The spa services are excellent!!!  My massage was amazing!”


~ N.H., (Member)

“There are a wide variety of classes to choose from and at all times of the day. Something for everyone! The instructors are great at pushing you to work your hardest while being kind, friendly and supportive at the same time. It really is a great place to workout!”


~ SFC, (Member)

“I love this place. The teachers, variety of types of classes and times, and the overall atmosphere is awesome! I’m so glad that I joined SFC!” 


~ C.D., (Member)

“I benefited tremendously from the FitBody Challenge’s nutritional and fitness advice and tips!  Spartan Fit offers such a variety of classes, and paired with the nutritional and fitness advice that Angela offers in the class, you can’t go wrong!  I have always been so “confused” by nutrition, but knowing HOW and WHY something affects your body makes nutrition pretty simple. After 6 weeks of the FitBody Challenge, I feel much better about myself.”

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